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"How to add an external fan to an external USB HD (hard drive)"
I guess most instructables start by a personal problem or challenge one needs to solve .
I got the new cheap Verbatim external USB HD 1TB for less then 90$ but it was so cheap Verbatim decided to leave out the fan so I had to improvise and add an external fan to keep the temperature down (it reached > 55C without the fan!
Now is Sumner time and the heat is UP - 38 C in the shade - we really got to cool it down.

Step 1: The Internal Power Socket

Open the cage (warranty void) and locate the internal power socket.

Step 2: Fan Selection

Try and find a low power fan about 7cm in size (they will make less noise) .

Step 3: Connect the Wires

Red to +12V and black to ground.

Step 4: Cut a Hole in the Case

Here I used a isolation tape to mark the size of the hole and then cut it out with a dremil (had to use 3 disks)

Step 5: Glue the Fan In

Use silicon .
Make sure you test it before letting the silicon dry (mine was touching the case so I lifted it us 2mm - problem solved)

Step 6: Final Product

Don't stick your fingers in (or add a mesh protector) .
I cant hear it and I don't feel any heat from it any more !

I put 2 hours into making it and 1 hour into adding the instructable .

Pls rate me (highly if you think I deserve it :-)


Any comments are always welcome!

B.T.W I invented a switch extender for children and placed it on the web - trying to introduce it to the public .



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job. I don't have any external drives without a fan, but if I ever run across one, I'll use this.

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