Cool Friendship Bracelets




Introduction: Cool Friendship Bracelets

Prepare the Materials:

Sterling silver bead

Sterling silver bent tube 

red cords/black cords/brown cords

Others: Scissor, Measuring tapes

Step 1:

Prepare two cords, if circumference of your wrist is approx 6.3 inches (16cm), the cords should be 80 inches (2 meters).

Step 2:

Bring the two cords together and fold them in half. Then start braiding snake knots from the center-left. 0.87 inches (2.2cm) snake knots is enough.

Step 3:

Tie the four cords together with a secure knot.

Step 4:

Thread one more 40 inches (1m ) cord to the middle of four cords and start to braiding corn knots.

Step 5:

Stop braiding when it reach your desired length.

Step 6:

Thread the hollow out sterling silver bend on.

Step 7:

Tie an overhand knot at the end. Trim the 4 of cords and burn threads. Threading sterling silver beads to the rest of cords, and then tie an over hand knot.

Step 8:

Trim the needless cords, Burn the excess threads.

Step 9:

Done it!

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    4 years ago

    I have never heard of a "snake knot"...I know a lot of knots have several different names....I tried clicking on the highlighted words, but it did not take me to an explaination to what the knot is.