Cool Wooden Nameplate

I wanted to make a cool desk name plate out of wood that looked a bit like the angrybirds font

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Step 1: Gather Supplies


  1. scissors
  2. pen


  1. popsicle sticks
  2. glue
  3. small wood board to place against (i got mine from a clementine box), and corner piece to stand on


  1. paint
  2. small screws (for decoration purposes)

Step 2: Drawing

draw out your name in letters only made of lines

  • try to make them a bit unaligned

Step 3: Cut Pieces

  1. Cut pieces to match those lines you drew (make a little extra long at the ends of each piece)
  2. cut them to make jagged ends

Step 4: Detailing (optional)

  1. Scratch and cut the pieces to look even better
  2. Paint the pieces according to your taste (i did brown)

Step 5: Making Letters

  1. glue letters together
  2. add screws to joints for appearance

Step 6: Stand

  1. attach the corner to the board to make the stand
  2. I added screws for looks

Step 7: Letters+Stand=Cool Nameplate

  1. draw out on board where letters will go (as shown)
  2. glue them down

Step 8: Enjoy/Show Off!!!

Place on your desk and show off your skills!!!

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