Cool Your Drink With the Unexpected.

Introduction: Cool Your Drink With the Unexpected.

Need to cool you're drink because you can't enjoy warm cool-gator-homemade-sportsaide and you're roomies have consumed all of the ice without preparing another rack of them out of courtesy?  No worries you know those delicious freezies that not too many people seem to enjoy anymore but you're roommate insists on keeping a full stockade of?  They can dual as reusable ice cubes.  I'm going to show my in a pinch method of quickly cooling my freshly made pitcher of sportsaide.

This can work for any drink you make be it cans of frozen orange juice concentrate or other concentrate, a pitcher of flavor crystal drink mix or any kind of recreational beverage. 

My passion for drinking cold drinks spouted from my friend's martini shaker and the lack of my owning one, it seems as if they are in scarce supply in my area as the shaker without any other fuzz n fluff.  So I've been needing more n more mcgyver (red green in Canada) solutions to my warm drink problem.  This is my latest solution.

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Step 1: Preparation

Now I'm going to assume you're in a pinch like I just was on my quest for a tasty cold beverage and only tap water at my arsenal.  If you were in my situation without ice making you one sad panda and some messy roommates you're going to assume these freezies you have found in the freezer are not clean. 

Step one in preparation:
  Come to terms with the fact that you need you're roommate alive to continue paying their part of the rent and that empty icecube trays isn't too bad a problem.

Step Two: Dig for those freezies you saw berried in that freezer.

Step Three: Get them covered in soap and rubbed down with this soap.

Step four: Rinse them off with you're coldest available water source.  Warm water will obviously not serve this purpose.  *this step is essential as you probably don't know what could be dripped all over those delicious frozen icetubes.

Step five: just make sure that soaps gone because you're drink will be ruined otherwise.

Step 2: Use Those Icetubes.

Disclaimer: I realize these are automagic color changing freezies, but for the sake of this ible they are the original two freezies.

Drop those ingenious probably expired icetubes that probably cost 2$ for the whole case into you're drink. 

If this these were shorter I would have put the lid on and swirled the pitcher around some to increase the rate that they cool down but I guess this wouldn't be a pinch solution if it were perfect.

Pro tip* if you're freezies dont fit into you're pitcher, shaker cup or martini shaker when the bottom part melts flip the frozen solid tops over so that they're in the drink.

Step 3: Rinse, Freeze, Enjoy.

Well if you liked how that worked out rinse those Icetubes off they probably wont need soap but you can use it if you want. 

These will probably remain unconsumed if you re hide them.  Beware that you're roommate might ignite a new passion for these ancient relics of freezies and try consuming them if you do not re hide these, thus putting these long lost, new friends of yours back in the short term memory of you're roomie.

But maybe I'm just crazy.

Link to the drink I made.  mmm Sportsaide

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    4 Discussions


    Oh man, I've actually done this. I had those damn freeze-pops all over my room this summer. I wonder if ice cubes have ghosts.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I love the Red Green comment in the beginning.  Did this have any influence on the colors of the Icetubes?

    And remember, if the women don't find ya handsome, they should at least find ya handy.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    It works nicely because I'm tired of watered down drinks I'm also kinda annoyed at never having icecubes.

    What I used to do was keep a tray of them in the freezer but that can end up tasting awful after some time thus ruining you're drink.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Very smart, I don't know why I never thought of doing that before. Thanks for the great post :)