Cooled Laptop Stand




Introduction: Cooled Laptop Stand

This is my home made laptop stand. It is quite simple to build.

It has a fan to cool the laptop and a cool future is that the fan goes on if the laptop is placed on top.

It is also banked for better ergonomics.

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Step 1: Graving and Cutting

The first step is graving and cutting. I have done this using a laser cutter.

The file is the disign i used for my 15,6 inch laptop with 70 mm fans.

I have also ingraved my name and the place where to fans should be.

Step 2: Sawing

The second step is sawing the legs of the stand and the support parts.

The large trianges are the legs and the small ones the support parts (so the fan doen't touch the ground when the legs are folded up). The squares are also for support of the legs when folded up.

The size depends on the size of the laptop and the banking you prefer. For the legs i used a 26 cm long piece with a maximum breath of 5 cm and a minium breath of 1 cm.

Step 3: Instal Fan

The third step is to instal the fan. I have done this using four small bolts.

Drill four holes in the correct place and insert the bolts. Make sure you have bolts of the correct length.

Secure the bolts.

Step 4: Agglutinate

Glue the square the heigt of the legs combined with the breath of the hinch away from the side of the main plate.

Also glue the small triagles to the side of both legs. Make sure you do this mirror wise on the different sides.

Step 5: Instal Hinch

The fifth step is to instal the hinch.

I did this using some screws because it makes it stronger than when secured with nails.

Step 6: Instal Switch

First you need to drill a hole where you want to have you switch. I used a pressure switch in de middle between the fan holes. The nice feature of this is that if you place you laptop on the stand the fan is automatticly on.

You need to make sure the switch has the correct height.

Step 7: Wire It Up

Connect the adapter with the switch and the fan with the adapter and the switch.

I recommend to wire the minus wire from the adapter to the fan directly and the plus side through the switch.

Best if you test the system before installing.

Step 8: Finished Product

After al these steps you now can enjoy a cooling laptop stand.

Step 9: Extra, Locking Your Laptop in Place

I did want to use this support pieces but i was not able to print them.

The idea is that the pieces are glued to the main plate and the laptop legs fit in them so it is supported and secured.

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    3 years ago

    Nice, good idea , very well


    3 years ago

    I like the idea of putting some switch on the fan .. :)