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Introduction: Cooler Powered LED

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Hey Friends,
                       Wanna make a LED that runs on cooler power? So this instructable is for you.
Things You will need:

EDIT: You can also use Battery but it doesn't require Magnetic motor and it is not eco friendly.

1.Cooler (of-course because we need high power of air to light an led.)
2.Magnetic Motor
3. A Small fan that fits on magnetic motor
4.LED  (you can also use another motor and attach with it to the magnetic motor that makes the motor move)

And plese sorry for my bad english because i am completing my school

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Step 1: Connecting LED

So the first step is to connect LED to the motor or anything whic need the about 2.0 V or less can work. You can use Long wires to connect LED.

Step 2: Connecting the Fan

Connect the fan on the motor and make sure it is tightly connected. And after connecting LED and fan it will look something like this:

Step 3: Video

You can use any type of high power air to make to motor move infact if you use your finger and roatet it with high power it make the LED lights.

So how it works:

In the magnetic Motor, there is a copper coil and on which magnet rotates.
This make electricity in the magnetic motor.

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