Coolest Cup Holders Only $2 a Cup Holder




Intro: Coolest Cup Holders Only $2 a Cup Holder

Want a cool idea for a car that will make it a little different or say more unique than your friends? This project cost $40 for all the supplies but with that you can make up to 16 cup holders depending on the size of the cup holders. With 16 that's 8 cars for $38 that's $4 a car for unique cup holders or $2 a cup holder.


File -160 grit or lower

Pliers - any kind is fine

Glass -$12.48 on amazon with free shipping

Copper tape -1/4 copper tape is fine

Stained Glass - $12.34 on amazon with free shipping


Glass cutter - $13.97 on amazon with free shipping



Step 1: You are now going to wanna choose glass that is ¼ inches thick any kind of stained glass will work but i found my time to be very easy with ¼ glass.

Step 2: Next you are going to take your piece of glass and cut it. Take out the rubber insert in your car or cars and trace the rubber insert onto the glass with a black sharpie. Next take your glass cutter and simply trace the lines that you have just traced. If you can not simply trace your circle then make relief cuts until it is close to what you are looking for.

Step 3: once you have cut your circle out you will notice that the sides are a bit sharp. you will now take the file and go around the entire circle until it is smooth all over make sure not to inhale this glass dust.

Step 4: next you are going to take the copper tape and go around the sides. your doing this for 2 reasons: one to make sure that you will have a smooth side even if you didn't file a spot and two it will make your project look a little better and fit better so it won't slide around as much. (Remember you did cut right on the lines and sanded it so you do need the copper tape.)

Step 5: After you have applied the copper tape you may notice it doesn't stick to the side of the glass very well this is a good sign. (It means you smoothed it very well) To make your copper tape stay on a bit better tape a pencil and use the side to smooth the copper tape onto the glass.

P.S.- This can be used as a coaster or as a cup holder. You can also draw any object on the glass and cut it out. Great for gifts, ornaments, and decorations that are sure to last!!!!!



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    I'm confused. How does this differ from a coaster? or is it meant to sit in the bottom of a pre-existing cup holder?

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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    To Kakashibatosi,

    This can be a coaster or for the bottom of your car cup holder. This can be used however you want it. It is all about how you see it artistically and thank you for helping point out this flaw in my documentation.