Coolest Pants Ever! Baggy Trousers! Babies, Kids, Teens and Adults! We All Love Them! Free Video Tutorial How to Sew Baggy Trousers...enjoy!

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This is a free sewing tutorial for a pair of unisex trousers /baggy trousers / jogger pants. We are showing you how easy it is to sew a pair of comfortable baggy trousers / jogger pants with or without cuffs for your newborn, toddler, teenager and also yourself. Our baggy trousers „MAXI“ are so simple to sew within 10 minutes and look great in every size!

You will find this pattern including 4 different variations in our shop in all sizes.




Teens & adults:

Enjoy sewing! Your Zierstoff team Joanna & Ilka



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    Hi Thejesterqueen,

    Sorry for our belated reply. We have been creating new videos, which will be uploaded soon.

    All of our videos are free to watch and aiming to inspire beginners to start sewing! It is so much fun being creative, your own designer and sharing this with others.

    Naturally we are offering all of our patterns in our shop but this is totally voluntary.

    Happy sewing! Best wishes, your Zierstoff Team