Cooling Fan Laptops

Introduction: Cooling Fan Laptops

The whole message here is ducting the fan properly and creating tight fit.

See the white and black wires how they lay straight across the bottle top is they are into two opposite
melted in groves by melting them in by using a soldering iron. Then using the diaper baby pins to connect the wire that goes all around the laptop linked as needed to keep the fan/duct to tightness.

I did this for a long time and then the motherboard stopped coming on.

Step 1:

Note the rubberband is used to hold the completed prototype.
A hole is punched by any nail heated by cigarette lighter for 45 seconds through the pill bottle to create a way for a wire to tie down prototype tight.

Note on cap in picture are two places to melt in two wire tie down guides.
If you melt guides too far into the pill bottle lid then you must seal with super glue
till air tight.

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