Coolpad for Laptop

Introduction: Coolpad for Laptop

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a very cheap- home made coolpad for laptops.
- parts needed---a plastic tray size about 6" by 9", just fit at the base of laptop, a small dc brush less fan, an usb cord, 4pcs of large rubber leg stand, some small sized rubber washers, screws, drilling machine or something sharp round pointed metal rod to make small holes in the plastic tray, some strong adhesive.

just fix the fan on the tray by 4 screws---attach 4 large rubber leg stand at 4 corners of the tray with screws; also use adhesive for tight fixing---attach small rubber washers at the base of tray with screws and adhesive.---attach usb cord to the fan connection---- use only red /black cords, don't use green white cord, they will be open.  attach usb port to ur laptop usb plug-----Voila!! u just make ur own coolpad. ENJOY!!!!

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