Copper Heart Pendant With Chain

Introduction: Copper Heart Pendant With Chain

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This was a valentines gift for my (now ex) girlfriend, and this is strictly a "show and tell" kind of instructable.  The picture is the only one i have because my lovely (EX!) girl posted it to facebook to show it off to the world. Personally, i think i could have done better on the polishing, but here it is. the chain is copper wire and it has a handmade toggle clasp, which you wont see in the picture unfortunately. the pendant was hand hammered with my 2 pound ball-pein, and i sanded all the hammer marks out with a progression of various sandpapers ( 220, 320, medium steel wool, 400 wet-dry, 600 wet-dry, 800 wet-dry, and 1200 wet-dry) i shaped the contours with a chain-saw file and a mill bastard. if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    What was the copper heart hammered out from? Penny or other coin?