Copper Inlayed Stone Necklace



Playing with copper wire, I discovered this pretty design while wrapping it around stones for jewelry. Simple, yet elegant, this design highlights the shape of the rock and it's colors.

Step 1: Wrap

Unlike me, you'll want wire that is starign as an arrow. It make the process a lot easier. Decide where you will start on your stone, and begin wrapping along the face. Try to shape the wire with fine piers to hug the stone as tightly as possible. The inner layer I made slightly too small, so the wire would bend as the stone was put in, keeping it in tension. Keep wrapping until you feel satisfied.

Step 2: Mount

I glued the stone to the wire, so it will stay in case it decided it wanted to go for a walk. Notching the inside of the topmost outer wire, I placed a jumping and glued it in. Now, you're ready to add a chain or cord!

Step 3: ​Enjoy!

I will continue to refine and play with this design, as it has so many possibilities with so many different rocks!

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