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Introduction: Copper Leaf Pendant

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This pendant is cut from the same piece of copper pipe as my Copper Rocket Pendant.

I first embossed the lines by laying a needle over the copper and hammering it. I then cut it out and soldered a strip of copper on the back. I looped the stem for the jump ring. There is no coating on it.



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    2) This work is awesome. I love it, This is going to be my first project, so I'm looking forward to it
    3) How did you cut it out? Hacksaw? And I suppose you sanded the edges afterwards, right?
    4) You're one awesome person, Mrballeng, this and the skeleton key are some of the best things, when you look at the beauty/difficulty to make ratio.
    5) There is NO POINT 5
    6) Did you hammer the lines in before or after? Which would be easier?

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    I used metal shears to cut it out. I sanded the edges with a file. The lines were hammered in after cutting but before filing. Thanks!

    Thank you for this. I am a newbie to copper/jewelery making, this helped me very!

    I'm making this for my girlfriend to give to her on Valentin's day. I've got it all figured out save for how to make the stem / jump ring. Any tips?

    could you possibly post a picture of how you embossed it? its just kinda confusing me hahaha. it doesnt have to be on this specific project just on like a peice of scrap metal. would really apprechiate it! thxx:)

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    Check out my basketball tie tack or embossed keychain monster. I used the same method there.

    Amazing how you made you stuff with metal. I just started to learn how to create metal jewelry, and I love to try to match stuff like yours.

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    same here except i worked with metal for about 6 years im 16 now but i never tried small jewelry i usually do things like swords and railroad spike knives very good projects to do by the way but jewelry is very fun i have found out and really enjoy trying to do mrballengs projects

    If your going to use super spendy silver why not spring for the silver wire too? Go the whole nine yards.