Copper Lighting




Introduction: Copper Lighting

You can create a stylish copper lighting all by yourself. I will try to tell how to create this lighting in this instructable, so let's start!

Step 1: Materials

3 x “50 cm x 70 cm” Copper plate

1 x Screw and Union Nut

1 x “10 cm radius” Metal circle plate

1 x “5 cm x 30 cm” Copper plate

1 x Lamp Socket and Lamp

Step 2: Cutting

Draw 14 templates with AutoCAD and cut those templates from 50 x 70 cm Copper plate with CNC machine.

Then divide other 50 x 70 cm Copper plates by 10 (for each) and cut 5 x 70 cm strips from two remaining Copper plates with CNC machine. Leave 1 cm opening from the egde and cut 8 pieces from 5 x 70 cm Copper strips. Pieces should be 5 mm wide.

Step 3: Attaching

Attach the 5 x 0.5 cm Copper strips to the other Copper pieces which was created at AutoCAD earlier. Drill 5 mm holes to each Copper strips from the remaining 1 cm from their egdes. Weld up all of the open ends of the Copper strips to the Metal circle plate.

Drill a 1 cm radius hole to the midpoint of the Metal circle plate, for the Lamp Socket. Place the Lamp Socket through the hole and glue it on with silicon. Screw the U shaped Copper piece to the Metal circle plate from both sides, and drill a 5 mm hole from midpoint of the U shaped Copper piece. Screw the Copper strips and the Copper pieces that created at AutoCAD together through this hole and put the union nut.

Step 4: Result

Here is your stylish Copper lighting with a beautiful linear lights all over your walls. Enjoy!

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