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Introduction: Stacked Copper Sticks

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As previously mentioned in my numerous jewelry making Instructables, I enjoy making my own jewelry. This Instructable will show you how to make a stacked pendant from copper wire and beads. It's an easy, fun, and inexpensive tutorial.

Step 1: BoM

Steel block

Rubber block

Ball peen hammer

Metal Shears

Jewelry pliers

Wire (this Instructable shows 10, 14, and 16 gauge copper wire and rose gold plated copper wire)

Beads (with holes large enough to fit around your wire)

Step 2: The Wire

Before you start hammering away, it's a good idea to check your wire against the beads you want to use to make sure they'll fit. It's also a good idea to decide ahead of time which beads you want to put together and how you want your pendant to look.

Most of the wire used in this Instructable came from a favorite Etsy supplier, but 6-12 gauge copper wire can also be found at your local hardware store for around $.50 a foot.

Step 3: Measure

Decide how long you want your copper to be and mark it lightly. About 1-2" is what I generally use. To make hammering easier, I don't cut the wire until hammering is done.

Step 4: Hammer

First, make sure your wire is straight. If it's bent it can cause problems later. Place your wire on the steel block and begin by hammering the end flat. I use the flat end of the hammer to do this. You can use the round side (pics 3 & 4) for a more textured look, but I think it's best to do that last.

When I'm hammering I like to flip the wire over so both sides are getting the same treatment. This isn't really necessary.

Hammer gently until you achieve your desired look. You don't have to hammer the entire length of the wire. In picture 5, the first copper piece was only hammered at the bottom to get a "paddle". This paddle will keep the beads from sliding off. This same wire is rose gold plated, a color I have recently grown to love, to protect the plating, I hammered very carefully.

The other copper pieces were hammered at the bottom for the same affect, however I also hammered the rest of the length just a bit.

Step 5: Stack

When you are done hammering, snip the wire and begin adding your beads.

Step 6: Fold

When you are satisfied with your stacks, using a needle nose or similar type plier, carefully bend the top of the wire into a loop. The loop should be big enough that it can slide on and off whatever cord you use. This is how you will get your pendant onto a chain or cord for wearing. You could also attach it to a keyring loop.

Note: washers and other metal hardware pieces make great embellishments to your designs.

Step 7: Attach

Slide your pendant onto a cord and you are ready to go!

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