Copper Pipe Towel Rail





Introduction: Copper Pipe Towel Rail

This was my project to build a new towel rail for the bathroom.

1.5 hours cutting pipe. 1.5 hrs soldering pipe. 1 hr cleaning and polishing. 0.5 hrs fixing to wall. time 4.5hrs

6m of 15mm copper pipe
1 x blow torch (for soldering)
26 x elbow joints
18 t-joints
some wire wool
some flux
some metal polish
1 x 'pacman' shaped copper pipe cutter
1 x ruler

The first thing was pipe cutting. I wanted to hold 10 towels, so that would mean 11 shelves.
Using the 15mm pipe cutter.....I cut 42x10cm sections and 11 x 20cm sections of pipe (took about an hour)

I then dry fitted the whole thing to check the design would work and all the sections all lined up.


I then soldered the upright/vertical sections.
(10x10cm section with a t joint in between each and an elbow at each end)

On some very flat slate tiles and made sure they were very straight and inserted the 10cm pices that came out of the right angle of the t joint. being very careful to make sure it was all true.... i soldered the joints.  I then did the other upright..... making sure it lined up with the first one (and was straight)


I then inserted the 20cm pieces to join it all together.... checking for straightness along the way

the soldering was pretty easy.... just clean pipe ends add smear of flux, flux the joint, insert them, and apply copious heat!.... then let it cool naturally, and check the joints. if theyre still loose..... try again!


i finished it off by cleaning up the oxidisation from the blowtorch.... with wire wool.... and then a quick polish!


Extra Note

As predicted, th copper tarnished pretty quickly.... and although i liked this, i decided to treat the metal (to avoid any contamination getting on clean towels.  I bought the stainless steel kit from everbright: "protect-a-clear".  This is a very easy fix. polish the metal..... wipe with the supplied degreaser.... then wipe on the self annealing polymer coat. Basically..... whatever 'look' you like you can keep it in that state with no tarnishing at all..... amazeballs.



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23 Discussions

Look great mate! Question – why type of brackets are you using to fix it to the wall?


2 replies

think theyre called munson rings.... little brass ring that holds the pipe with a bracket to screw to the wall.

Brilliant! Thanks for the name - been googling around and hadn't been able to find it.

Run baseboard heat through it and warm towels. Feed from a small valve to regulate flow.

2 replies

Baseboard heaters in north america have electricity flowing through them (not heater water). I am thinking of using heating wire (usually used for underfloor heating, or deicing eaves and walkways) inside of a tube towel rack to cause it to be a heated towel rack.

not entirely sure id trust my soldering that much.... although..... i do have enough left overs for a heated toilet roll holder!!

Are you referring to the typed print, or the imprinted/engraved markings? If the typed print, nail polish remover works wonderfully!

I LOVE THIS! Hope the copper fittings are not too expensive, 'cos this is now on hubby's todo list

I like this a lot. The wife may not approve, but...... I think that one of these shall just happen to "appear" in the Master Bathroom, one day. Thanks for the Ible and keep those idea-juices flowing.

Excellent work. Copper kills bacteria so this is very sanitary. I tip my hat to you.

Clear spray painted a copper pipe for a towel holder in a shower. A couple years later and it still looked good.

Nice. Now all you need is to run some hot water throught these pipes... Mmmm... warm towels... :)

Really cool idea! Love the look of copper; please do a later update to see if the everbright keeps things green-free and I'm all in on this one! Nice, clear instructions, too. Thanks!

LOL - Copper pipe? Why didn't you opt for gold? About the same order of price.