Copper Flowers Just in Time for the Holidays (No Welding or Forging Equipment Needed)





Introduction: Copper Flowers Just in Time for the Holidays (No Welding or Forging Equipment Needed)

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So I made these flowers based on some of the work of the more talented people on this site, but lacking the equipment or know how to use a forge, I made a way everyone can make them using supplys that you can get at your local craft store.

What you will need,
* Copper sheet
* Copper rods
* Metal snips
* Sanding tool

Step 1: Three Circles

Cut three circles out of the copper and drill holes through the center. The size of your flower depends on the size of the circles (Larger circles = larger flower and etc.)

Step 2: Cut the Lines

Cut from 5 lines into the center. Most of the time I would say to measure, but from my experiences it looks nicer to just free hand it.

Step 3: Round the Edges

Using the same snips, round off your edges.

Step 4: Making the Stem

Take two copper rods and twist them together to make your stem.

Step 5: Making the Flower

First sand away the sharp edges, then place the as of yet unbent petals on your stem. Looking a the first picture you can see I left one rod bent to prevent the petals from falling down the stem.

Step 6: Forming the Flower

Now take the first circle and bend one corner inward, leaving the other out. For the subsequent petals, bend them inward and (Using some pliers and elbow grease) bent the end of the petals down to create a drooping motion.

Step 7: Be Creative!

I ended up making two more without a stem, and adding a leaf to the original. From there I bent the stem so that it would be able to stand on it's own.



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i do it more times


Nice work. Is there any way to speed up the oxidation of the copper to turn them green, or just parts of them like the stem and petals?

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I've heard there are ways to do it, but like i said earlier, I have no experience in working with metal, so someone smarter than I would be better to ask.

I saw this one Imgur and was completely blown away! Love the detail but I'd probably lose some finger tips by time I was finished -_-

I'm not much of a metal worker, but I'm going to give this a try! Nice instructable, and beautiful result.

absolutely beautiful!


Great job! Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful flowers. I'm got make this but I might oxidize the stem to give it a little green color.

It's wonderful work like yours that I drew inspiration (blatantly copied and bastardized) from.