Copy Cat Restaurant Masala Dosa and Other Dosa Variations:



Introduction: Copy Cat Restaurant Masala Dosa and Other Dosa Variations:

-Dosa is favourite indian breakfast which is healthy and prepared very regularly by all.

- Their are many dosa types in restaurant menu but the most common dosa is masala dosa with a potato filling inside ordered by many people.It can be accompained with some chutney or sambar prepared with lentils.

-Here is the home made version of restaurant style masala dosa.


-1 cup black gram(whole or split one)

-2 and half cups rice

-pinch of fenugreek seeds

-1/3 cup of flattened rice(poha)

-Tbsp chana dal( Split bengal gram)-optional



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Step 1: Soaking:

-Wash Rice,blackgram with water.

-Add fenugreek seeds and soak in water for 4 to 5hrs

-Even soak split bengal gram in water.

Step 2: Blend:

-Before grinding soak flattened rice(poha) in little water. squeeze the water and add to soaked rice,lentil mixture and blend by adding water slowly.

-Batter should be smooth and flowy type.

Step 3: Ferment the Batter:

-Add salt and ferment the batter for 12hrs.

Step 4: Potato Masala:

-Dosa filling is made with lightly cooked potatoes,onions,green chilli and spices.


-4 Boiled potatoes

-dry red chillies


-green chilli paste

-ginger garlic paste


-split bengal gram



Step 5: Preparing Potato Masala:

-Take a vessel and add oil. When oil is heated add mustard and cumin seeds.

-Add dry redchillies and turmeric

Step 6: Add Remaining Ingredients:

-Add split bengal gram,curry leaves,green chilli paste , ginger paste and give a mix

Step 7: Add Boiled Potatoes:

- Now add onions and when onions are cooked add salt and boiled potato slices. Just give a mix and potato filling is ready for dosa.


-Pressure cook the potatoes and cut in to slices before starting curry preparation

Step 8: Making Dosa:

-Take a wide pan and heat it. Pour the dosa batter on it and move in circular motion from inside to outside with the base of laddle ( Batter should be smooth and of pouring consistency) if needed add some water to batter if its too thick.

-Drizzle a tsp of oil around the dosa and wait till edges turn brown.

Step 9: Potato Filling:

-once dosa edges turns brown put the potato filling inside dosa and fold the dosa.

-Remove from pan and serve hot.with chutney or sambar or you can have as it is.

Step 10: Healthy Oats Dosa:

-Take a cup of oats and blend in blender to powder. Add this to fermented dosa batter and adjust the consistency by adding water.Add little salt

Step 11: Make Dosa

-Prepare dosa in same way

Step 12: Dosa Pizza

-we all are pizza lovers. so i made try making pizza with dosa batter. I used same oats dosa batter for healthy pizza.


-Dosa batter

-tomato puree

-capsicum slices



-chilli powder


Step 13: Preparing Dosa Pizza

-First pour 2 laddle full of batter on hot pan and dont spread. Let the batter spread by it self. it should be thick.

-cook on medium flame.When it is almost half cooked apply tomato puree and add all toppings along with cheese.

-cover and cook until cheese melts

-cut and serve slices :)

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