Copy Cat Loft House Cookies

Introduction: Copy Cat Loft House Cookies

you know those little jems of cookies sitting in the grocery store bakery just saying eat me as you walk buy well I have found the closest recipe to them good for holidays since no one will have to know how many didnt make it since they got eaten

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Step 1: Gather All Ingredients

6 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda AND baking powder
1 cup butter room temperature
2 cups granulated sugar
3 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 ,1/2 cups sour cream

Step 2: Dry Ingredients

6 cups is a lot of flour so I one bowl count out all six and add the baking powder ,baking soda and salt

Step 3: Wet Ingredients

in another bowl cream the sugar and butter until fluffy and light about three minutes
add eggs one at a time mixing between each
then add the sour cream and vanilla
one scoup at a time mix in the flour mixture it will be sticky at the end but that is okay don't add more flour!

Step 4: Let It Chill Out!

wrap it up nice a snuggly and let it chill in the fridge over night or a few hours just until firm

Step 5: Roll Cut Out and Bake!

this step you preheat oven to 350
then flour surface well and top of the dough so no sticking happens!
then roll out the dough until 1/4 inch thick it doesn't need to perfect just as uniform as you can get were not robots here
then with a round cookie cutter cut out your cookie and keep rolling dough or the rule I follow is three times only don't want over worked dough
then spray your sheet it is the only way they will not stick to the pan
bake for eight minutes or until pale golden brown I have a temperamental oven which first pan comes out just a shade to dark

Step 6: Frost and Enjoy!

this step is all up to you. you can make your own frosting or a premade one will do the trick sprinkles or a cookie crumble ontop use your imagination and go nuts they taste good on their own too if they can't make it this far

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    5 years ago

    missing the cream cheese about 1/2 cup from the official recipe (I used to work there)