Cord Wrap From Used Giftcard

Introduction: Cord Wrap From Used Giftcard

This idea was directly inspired by a product that I had bought a few years ago. It was a very convenient little thing and I used it every day. I unfortunately lost this along with my earphones and really missed the cable management I once had. Finally after long enough I decided I can easily make the cord organizer. How the wrap works is through one of the holes you would push one end of the cable, towards the beginning or end of the cable. then you would wrap the cord around the middle until the desired length is achieved. Finally you push the remaining end of the cable through the opposite hole, making it a nice easily stored bundle that will not tangle.

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Step 1: Materials

You will only need three things.

1. A pair of scissors - used to cut the card into desired design
2. A marker - to outline the desired shaped for cutting
3. A gift card - without this this instructable might be a little difficult. 

*optional, hole puncher - to punch the hole on each end. 

The gift card I will be using is from Amazon but literally any hard plastic card can be used as long as you can cut through it.

Step 2: Design the Shape of Your Cord Wrap

This can look like anything just as long as it meets two requirements. There must be two holes and there must be a place for the access cable to be wrapped. The design of the product I got was the shape of a man but since I needed more room I chose to make this one more "I" shaped. 

Since I would not need the whole card for the small shape I cut the card in half first. On one of the two pieces I drew the aforementioned shape.

Step 3: Cut the Card

This step is pretty much self explanatory, all you need to do is cut out the design you drew on the card in the previous step. 

The holes however might be a little more tricky, I used the scissors as a drill to create the hole. To do this you would need to poke the hole  and create the circular shape by spinning the scissors in the hole, shaving the edge of the hole on the blade, nails, screws, and  other pointy sharp objects can also be used to make a hole. A hole puncher can make the hole as well and might be a good last resort.

Step 4: Making It Work

This is how you would use the cord wrap. One thing to know is how to use your wrap is based on your design. for example, if you have two holes on the top to keep each of your ear buds separate then you would wrap it from the bottom (the jack) to the top (speakers) last. This is generally how I use mine so I can unwrap only what I need while I use it. Because my design allowed the cable to be wrapped up like a two dimensional spool I was really pleased with the outcome.

First, push the cable so it goes across the edge of the card, into the cut, and into the hole.

Second, wrap the desired amount of cable or wire around the middle of the organizer.

Third, push the other end of the cable into the opposite hole to complete the wrapping process. 

Step 5: Vote for Me!!!

This is my very first instructable and I am glad to finally be contributing to the site. Give me a vote if you like my guide and I will to post some more stuff. Feel free to contact me about questions, comments or concerns. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

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    Bill WW
    Bill WW

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great first Instructable, expat! Cord management is a big issue, with all the electronic gadgets we have. Every time I deal with the tangled mess, I envision a time in the future when all the power to these things will be wireless. Your cord wrap will be a big help.

    One question: are you sure there wasn't $50 left on that card?