Cordless Drill at Home

Introduction: Cordless Drill at Home

maker=Jagdish,Deepak singh,Maninder singh

place khera jattan nook


1= 12v dc=500 to 1000 rpm

2= Mini Drill Top

3= Push button

4= 9v battery

5= Battery Clip

6=Wood Piece

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Step 1: Cut the Wood

Take the wood cut it as shown in the image

Step 2: Cut the Metal Sheet

Cut the metal sheet and make to holes using drill bit as shown in the image

Step 3: Using Nut Bolt

use nut bolt as show in the image

Step 4: Fix Wood and Metal Sheet

Fix wood and metal sheet using nut bolt as shown in the image

Step 5: Fix the Motor and Mini Drill Top

Fix the motor and mini drill top as shown in the image.

Step 6: Fix Push Button to Wires

Fix push button to wires using soldering rod as shown in the image

Step 7: Fix Push Button Wires to DC Motor

Fix push button wires to DC motor as shown in the image

Step 8: Fix 9v Battery to Wood Piece

Fix 9v battery to wood piece as shown in the image

Step 9: Fix All the Component

Fix all the component as shown in the image.

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    1 year ago

    Very clever!