Cork Bottle Necklace

Introduction: Cork Bottle Necklace

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What inspired me?

Well, my girlfriend had an amazing idea. She loves most things galaxy and she saw a nebula inside a mason jar, and had the amazing idea of using a 5ml bottle for a nebular/ galaxy necklace. I loved the idea of course and decided to make her this simple necklace using a 5ml bottle.

What you will need;

- 5ml bottle with cork

- one screw eye

- length of string

- scissors

And that's it really. This is quite a simple project and it took about a minute to complete. But check out to see what she did next!!!!

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Step 1: What Will You Need?

I know I covered this in the previous part but I thought it better to include pictures of each product. I didn't know the exact name of the screw eye but now I know. The left is the different sized cork bottles. You can get these from most craft shops and online shops such as amazon and eBay. The middle is the Screw eye. this is 10mm high but 5mm in diameter. It needs to be small so it doesn't go through the cork. The right is obviously string. I got this from a cheap shop in my local city centre but you can get a lot of the stuff from online shops.

Step 2: Adding the Screw Eye

The screw eye will be used to attach the strong or cord to the bottle. This was the best method I could think about but if you feel as if you have an easier or better method please feel free to comment below.

Place the tip of the bottom of the Screw eye into the centre of the cork. Apply a little bit of pressure and turn clockwise (right) and the stop applying as much pressure and just turn until the Screw eye is secured into the bottle.

Step 3: Cutting the String

Okay so I wasn't sure if I needed to write about this but why knot! haha...yeah I get it, knot funny. Haha I did it again. Im lame I know! Anyway untangle about 400mm (40cm) of the cord or string and cut it using some scissors. When this is done place the string around your neck and try to see if its long enough. It should be around about in line with your heart so its easy to take off and put back on again.

Step 4: Threading the String

This is a pretty easy step I know ill write a little about it anyway. okay so place one side of the string into the hole of the screw eye. Make sure you don't end up fraying the end of the string but if you do then don't worry, just grab your scissors and cut that part off. Thread the string so that the centre of the string is where the bottle will sit.

Step 5: Tying the Knot

This part is going to be easy if you know how to tie the string, if so then skip this step. For the people that don't, follow this step.

Follow the pictures In order to tie the correct knot. Place the string such that a little loop is formed. Place the end of the string through the loop and when you are sure its the right sure, pull as tight as you can to ensure the bottle wont fall off.

Step 6: Finished!!!

Okay so now you have finished this project. I did say it was going to be easy didn't I. feel free to copy this idea and make sure you show me if you have. I really want to see how you guys can develop on my girl friends idea. Make sure you check her design out!!!

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Maybe we could try a different way to fasten the bottles


    3 years ago

    Just make sure that the screw eye is in securely as when pulling the cork out it could come off :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    yeah that's always a worry with such a week material like cork.