Cork Bracelet




Introduction: Cork Bracelet

Bulky Chevron Design Cork Bracelet.

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Step 1: Supplies and Tools


Corks (I used 7, but your wrist may be larger.)

Elastic Cord available at Wal-Mart $3.97 cut 1 piece to 16 or 17”

Hot melt Glue

Fine point permanent marker


Small Crochet Hook available at Wal-Mart $1.47

Electric kitchen knife

Hot glue gun

Electric drill

Plastic food cutting mat -I have several I use when cutting, or hot gluing. poster board can substitute.


Scrap of Styrofoam to stabilize corks for drilling.

Also useful - ruler and protractor for creating cutting template.

Step 2: Cut Your Corks

On plastic cutting mat, draw 2 parallel lines the width of your corks. Mark location of the ends and run a 45% line through the center. This will create a guideline for cutting the corks.

Use the kitchen knife to cut diagonally across the center

Step 3: Glue the Corks Together

Squeeze hot glue on the cut surface.

And stick to the other ½ forming a V or chevron shape.

Step 4: Use Styrofoam to Hold Cork for Drilling

After all chevrons are made, take 1 and push it point down into a scrap of Styrofoam. I have used 2 layers of Styrofoam in my “stabilizer” so that it is thicker than my drill bit is long. (keeps me from drilling holes in my work surface)

The styrofoam will help support and stabilize the piece for drilling.

Step 5: Drill Hole

Drill straight down through the center of the chevron. (use an old drill bit as the glue in the center tends to mess up the bit)

Step 6: Thread Elastic Through Cork

After all the chevrons are drilled, cut a 16 to 17” piece of the elastic cord and fold it in half.

Push the crochet hook through the hole in the center of the first chevron and grab the center of the cord with the hook. Carefully pull it through the cork.

Step 7: Add More Chevrons

Push the crochet hook through the hole in the center of the next chevron and grab the center of the cord with the hook. Carefully pull it through the cork and snug it down.

Step 8: Check for Size

Repeat until you have 7 chevrons. Wrap it around your wrist to determine if you will need an 8th chevron.

Step 9: Tighten Elastic

When the bracelet is the correct length, pull the cord firmly through all the chevrons leaving a tight loop on the hook.

Step 10: Tie Elastic Ends

Use the hook to pull 1 of the loose ends through the loop.

And knot the 2 ends tightly together. (double knot is good)

Step 11: Finish Off

Push the hook through the far side of the chevron closest to the knot and grab 1 of the loose ends and pull it through.

Pull the other loose cord through the chevron on the opposite side of the knot.

Knot the loose ends to the cord and trim.

Step 12: Other Variations:

Wearing a pair, chevrons in second bracelet pointed in opposite direction.

Thin slices drilled through the center and threaded on elastic cord.

Full size corks drilled at top and bottom edge laced with the elastic cord.

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    Thank you.
    Very inexpensive and simple to make.