Cork Business Card Holder

Introduction: Cork Business Card Holder

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This is a cool simple project to make. The cork place holder is cool way to display a business card or place holder.These are great for wedding's to put peoples names on to show where they sit. Also you can put them in front of stuff to display the name of what it is. This project requires few tools to make. Make sure you use an actual cork not the new face wine corks they put in some bottles. Theres a couple different ways you can make theses, this is the way I choose to make mine.

You can use blank business cards as labels

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

wine cork

hand saw

cutting surface

business card

Step 2: Making

Making theses name display cork holders are pretty straight forward. I found the best way to make theses was with a hand saw. You want to use the kind with the smaller blades. When selecting a cork some have names on them which look cool facing outward. So keep that in mind when cutting the corks that the writing is facing up. The first thing is to take your cork and cut a flat edge on one side of the cork. I cut off just enough so that it would sit flat and still have a most of the cork. After you have that cut the next step is to cut the slot for where the card is going to sit. Take your saw and cut a line half way threw the cork. Make sure not to cut all the way threw. Make this cut on the back side of cork at an angle so the when the card sits it will be facing forward so it displays good.

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