Cork Gun




Introduction: Cork Gun

Build your own Cork Gun.  Simple, Quick, minimal cost, minimal expertise needed.

Step 1: Buy Parts

Go buy a 3/4" PVC pipe and a 3/4" dowel.  While at the ACE hardware buy a fender washer 3/4" and a bike tube.  Total cost 5-10$  

3 foot 3/4" PCV pipe
3 foot 3/4" Wood Dowel
3" of Rubber like from a bike tire
3/4" fender washer or washers to squish rubber to dowel and still fit in 3/4" PVC pipe.
1  Wood screw or Sheet Rock Screw
1 Cork

Step 2: Assemble

To assemble:

Cut two small pieces of rubber.  Use the washer and screw to fit them to the end of the dowel.  Squish them nicely and leave 1/8" of rubber around the edge cut off excess.  

Slide rubber end of dowel into PVC.  Use some lotion as lubrication.  Fit the cork to the other end of the PVC, sand the PVC or cork with sandpaper if desired.

Step 3: Operation

Rapidly push the dowel into the PVC.  The cork should shoot out and make a satisfying POP sound.  

Step 4: Modifications

Add a string to the middle or end of the cork and connect the string to the outside of the PVC pipe.  The string will keep the cork from getting lost.  We used electrical tape and a screw.  

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    Tie the string directly between the cork and the plunger. This way it will automatically pull the cork back into the barrel when you pull the plunger back. This way you have a semi-auto gun