Cork Heart

Introduction: Cork Heart

With Valentine coming soon I decide to make a heart out of cork. I used skewers, cork and glue.
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Step 1: Lay Out

I lay out the corks in a heart pattern then glued it together. 

Step 2: Glue Corks Small End 1

I glued the corks in both direction with skewer type tooth picks. Start by poking a hole in each cork on the small end of the cork. Make sure it is the close to the middle.

Step 3: Glue Corks Small End 2

Break tooth pick in half. insert glue and tooth pick as shown.

Step 4: Glue Corks Small End 3

inset tooth pick into second cork as shown. Make sure the is enough glue.

Step 5: Glue Corks Long Side Side

Poke hokes on the side and insert tooth picks as shown. insert broken tooth picks as shown. Press in to the second set of corks. Glue and wipe excess glue with wet rag.

Step 6: Wine Glue

I wanted to paint the corks with a light red color.  I decided to try and use the leftover wine it self. with a small bowl I mix a small amount of wine and a lot of glue. The color drys darker. I I had to dab it on some of the corks are fake cork that look like rubber and would not take the wine glue,  but as it dried it was easier to work with. 

Step 7: Hang and Dry

I add a small picture hanger to the back and hung it on the wall. Notice the difference in color in the example cork. 

Step 8: Completed

I let it dry over night. Done 
I have cork and other ideas at my site

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