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About: I think i would've enjoyed being stranded on an island and making do... still time for that i suppose ;)

Quick and easy to make, this simple design offers simple pleasure!

My son, Mattt, who grew up on the Hudson River with us, was naturally drawn to boating and books about boats.  Starting with Scuffy the Tugboat and McElligot's Pool, he later moved on to Kon Tiki and Cork Boat, and later moved on to college, with less time for boats and such. Before that though, while at home, he collected our corks, intent on building his own raft, but he never amassed the critical number of 165,321 corks, nor did he find the time to build with what he had.  So now they're here.. the many corks he collected.

One project will be a cork bath mat, but in the meantime, this little mobile.. all one needs is some kind of sturdy vine or willow to form a "wreath" which serves as the structure upon which to tie strings of hemp laden with corks  however many strands as one wants, with as many corks as one wants spaced at whatever interval one might want.. In my case, i created 12 strands, each with five or six corks which i strung on very easily with a think needle, one with the eye big enough for the hemp fiber.  & Ouila!

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