Cork Mouse Pad




Introduction: Cork Mouse Pad

This will be a Mouse Pad made out of Cork. I will not take you longer than 15 min and you can customize your Mouse Pad. You will need skills in cutting Cork and Glueing. The Mouse Pad will have the Dimensions 30x40cm. However this size can be adjusted to your preferences.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

  1. One 30x40cm Cork Plate
  2. One small hand saw
  3. One plastic sheet 30x40cm
  4. One tube of wood glue
  5. Any image you want to put onto the Mouse Pad (Not bigger that 30x40cm)

Step 2: Cut Cork

Cut the Cork into the right size. You can decide how big your Mouse Pad should be. Mine will be 30x40cm. If you want you can grind off the edges of the Mouse Pad to make is less sharp.

Step 3: Customise Your Mouse Pad

This is the creative section. Here you are completely fee in what design you want your Mouse Pad to have. I would glue something onto the cork because it is hard to draw onto the Cork. For mine I chose to leave this blank becauseI think that the look and the texture from the Cork looks pretty good.

Step 4: Your Almost Finished!

Now the second last step is to cut the plastic sheet with a scissor into the correct sizes. (30x40cm)

Step 5: The Final Step

Now you just have to Glue the plastic sheet onto the Cork and image. Be sure to not move around your image while glueing the plastic. After you are done you could also grind off the edges again so that the side of the Mouse Pad does not annoy you.

Step 6: Here Is a Video Explaining the Main Steps


I hope that you will enjoy your personal Mouse Pad!

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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Your ideia seems really nice but there aren't any pictures of the final product and the instructions aren't well written. Hope you can fix that so I can make this project. Thanks!


    4 years ago easy :) Great job!


    4 years ago

    I love this Mouse pad hope you can make more

    please make more!!!!!!!!!!


    4 years ago

    Amazeballs! I love this