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Introduction: Cork Necklace

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This is how to make yourself a cork necklace. This only requires a few supplies and tools to make. This is cool to wear to wine tasting events or anywhere great as a gift as well. Make sure to use the real cork not the fake cork. There are other ways to make this you wouldn't even have to cut it if you don't want.

you can buy bags of wine corks

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Supplies-(cork, small key ring, chain necklace)

Tools-( knife, drill and bit, sand paper)

Step 2: Making

Making the Wine Cork Necklace is a pretty easy project to make. There are a few different ways you can make this. For starters you need a wine cork, make sure to use a real cork not the new fake corks. I used a small key ring chain to attach the cork to the chain part of the necklace. The necklace is your standard dog tag chain these are really cheap, I had one laying around.

Cut the cork, I used a pocket knife because I had one handy. Cut any shape into your cork you like. The cork I used had grapes on it so i decided to cut around the grapes. Many corks have cool design or can cut a heart, circle or anything. I first cut the cork in half so it would not be as wide and it will lay flat on chest. Then I took the knife and cut around the grapes making the shape. Then the cork edges from the cutting can be sanded down with some hand sanding. Now to connect the cork design to the chain drill a small hole and attach your small key ring to the cork as if it was a key. Slide it all the way so it's all the way on. Then simply add the chain to the key ring part.

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