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Introduction: Cork Ring

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This is a cool project to make with a wine cork that you can wear. You will need a wide wine cork some are wider than others the wider the better. If you can't find one wide enough wine cork you can use a cork from a champaige bottle and those have a big cork top on them that you can make into a ring. Once you find your cork the process of making it is pretty straight forward. Make sure to be careful when making so that you don't ruin your ring while making it. Also make sure not to cut your self I used a hand saw with small teeth

I used this file

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Cork wine cork or champage cork

make sure there the real corks not the new fake cork stuff


hack saw fine toothed to cut the cork

drill and bit to cut hole out of cork

small circle file to file center circle bigger

sand paper to smooth out the cork you cut out

Step 2: Cutting Size of Ring

I found using a hand hack saw was the easiest way to the cork. It's pretty easy to cut threw. Be careful not to cut your self while your cuting the cork.Make sure you make your cut as straight as possible because this will detirmine the width of the ring. If you want you could make it with a pencil or sharpie so you know exactly where to cut. I made a few at one time because I had the cork and wasn't sure if would break the cork in the next step. You can sand paper this cut at this time if you want.

Step 3: Cut Out Cente Hole

Start cutting the center out with a drill and a drill bit. Poke a hole threw the center of the cork and start drilling . Be careful so you don't cut your cork. Hold the cork firm when cutting the hole. Make sure not to hit your hand with the drill. Do this carefully until you get to to the edge of the ring. I left about an 1/8 inch around the edge. Make sure it fits your finger. Then you can take a file and round off any imperfections that you could not make with the drill. You want this to be as round as possible Then you can take sand paper and sand it down. I wear mine as a necklace ring when not as a ring. cool gift to make.

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