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Introduction: Cork Sanders

We all love corks. I don't know a person, who doesn't love corks. I don't know a lot of persons. I have no friends. I just speak for myself... But I love corks! Usually they hold something red or white or even pink behind them, and this is what makes my life having sense for a while. And just like Sherlock Holmes had cases for one pipe, this is a project for one glass... of something red, white or even pink, maybe... certainty is always my friend.

Step 1:

So, take some nice cork. Preferably, of even cylindrical shape.

Also you'll need some popsicle sticks, sanpaper, drill and saw... or improvisation.

Step 2:

Drill a hole through the cork the way, shown on the photo. It's better to strat drilling from both sides having the channels meating in the midpoint.

Step 3:

Then cut a slit along the side of the cork right to the drilled channel with a saw.

Step 4:

Cut a piece of sandpaper of a width equal to the lenght of the cork. Trim then the lenght of the strip according to the circumstance of the cork plus areas that go into slits.

Step 5:

Wrap the sandpaper around the cork with the edges bent inside the slit.

Step 6:

Use a posicle stick to push it inside the slit in the cork, thus securing the sandpaper.

Step 7:

Now it is a convenient small round shaped sanding block. It's not hard to shape the cork in any way you want to produce sanding tools of any configuration.

It was just a simple idea and a project, I wanted to share. Hope it was usefull. This is it for now, thanks for your attention and have a nice red, white or even pink.

If you feal like I'm doing something useful and you want to see me doing more of that, please, concidere to support me on patreon. I always have new Ideas and willing to explore new crafts and stuff, so even with some humble extra budget I'll have more directions to explore and efforts to spend on my projects.

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    2 years ago

    Great idea!

    I been trying to save them to make a "backstop" for a dart board.

    Waldemar Sha
    Waldemar Sha

    Reply 2 years ago


    Waldemar Sha
    Waldemar Sha

    Reply 2 years ago

    I reuse old corks when making wine. I'm boiling them for few minutes to disenfect, but also it makes them softer to the point when they can be squeezed into bottle neck again (imean natural corks here). I also have some ideas on shaping corks via boiling, so there'll be an instructable, I guess. Thanks for the respond.