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Introduction: Cork World Map

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Cleaning Up the Workshop I found a piece of Cork of 5mm left from another project and I thought about using it to make a World Map that I will stick on my wall.

What you'll need:

-A 5mm cork sheet of 100x60cm

-A 3mm plywood sheet of 100x60cm

-24 A4 sheet and printer

-Scroll Saw



Step 1: Print and Glue

I've stuck the cork to a 3mm plywood board to get more deepness and stability.
Also I downloaded this image from the internet that I have chosen, not for its accuracy, but for its simplicity of contours that will make it easier to cut in the Scroll Saw.

I have printed it in several A4 sheets and I have joined them using transparent tape and then glued them on the board.

Now I'm cutting all the contours using an utility knife.

In order to avoid staining the Cork with glue, turn over the board and stuck the cuts upside down.

Step 2: Cut and Stick in Wall

I am gonna use the scroll saw of the Portable Workshop that comes in handy because of its wide table which will make the job easier. It took me one hour to make all the cuts.

To fix all the pieces to the wall I used silicone adhesive. A few drops per piece will be enough.

I am using the template again to place all the parts with accuracy.

After removing the template, I just need to add some more islands and ... that's it!

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    Would you be willing to make another for commission?


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