Corn Hole

Introduction: Corn Hole

My friend Ingrid and I decided to make corn, Corn Hole.

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Step 1: Pick Two Pieces of Wood

We first picked two pieces of wood. We then cut the wood to be the size we wanted (18 x 19). We made it a rectangular shape because corn hole is usually a rectangle.

Step 2: Drill a Hole

We then measured the center of the board and the sides of the circle to see where it was in the middle. We outlined a circle and then drilled a little hole and sawed the remainder of the circle.

Step 3: Paint

After sanding the sides, we painted the whole board blue and decided to paint a corn on the corn hole board. We let them dry over night and tried to stick the boards up by hot gluing wood on the bottom's top. We then enjoyed the fun of corn, Corn Hole!

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