Corn Tikki





Introduction: Corn Tikki

- corn tikkis are very tasty and easily prepared snacks with our regular kitchen ingredients.


-Boiled sweet corn kernels

-sliced onions

-Grated carrot

-Potato powder or boiled and mashed potatoes


-Red chilli powder

-coriander powder

-Ginger garlic paste


- lime juice

-cooking oil

Step 1: Blending and Mixing All Ingredients

-Boil sweet corn kernels and keep ready.

-Take kernels in blender and blend to paste.Transfer the paste to bowl.Add grated carrot,sliced onions,potato powder or boiled and mashed potatoes to it .

-Add little corn flour and spices ginger garlic paste,red chilli powder,coriander powder , salt as per taste and little lime juice.

-Mix everything

Step 2: Make Small Patties

-You should be able to make small patties with it. if needed add little more potato powder and make consistency to form ball.

-Take small balls and flatten them to form pattie shape.

Step 3: Shallow Fry

-Add few drops of oil on pan and place the patties on it.

-Cook on both sides until they turn brown color.

Step 4: Serve Hot With Tomato Sauce

-Enjoy these tikkis with ketchup.



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    They look quite delicious and your photos are good, but could you possibly provide weights and measures to get the ratios right when preparing them?