Corner Hammock Shelf




Let's make a shelf with chain,
It seems like a hammock but its function is not to lie on it :)
You can store up your books or another small things.
At the same time, it can be a cute furnishing to decorate corners in your room.
There are always a lot of books in our homes especially, frequently used books must be store up.
We sometimes squeeze them to inappropriate places in our rooms...As a matter of fact, maybe you need a knitted shelf with chain :)

Step 1: Materials

You will need a needle-nose pliers,
thin metal wire,
a scisssors,
chain (about 15 meters) + 2 metal rings
white plumbing pipe (about 30 cm 2 pieces)
and transparent corrugated plumbing pipe

Step 2: Preparing Pipes

We need a electric drill to drill the pipe with equal spaces.
Put the pipe within the thicker one and than start to drill.
These holes must be to connect chains each other.

Step 3: Knitting the Chains

To start to knit chains, firstly divide 2 pieces equal chain for two sides of shelf.
The first chain piece must open from his unity and connect it with the metal wire to carry it through the pipes.
You must twist the wire after the connection.
And than start to knit the other chain lines toward the center.

Step 4: Knitting

Combining the chains must be diagonal, to combine the chains use the needle-nose pliens. Open its wire and close after the combining. When finish the line connect it metal wire again and pass the other side of pipes.

Step 5: To Finish Knitting

After to finish combining all lines, next step is connecting hanger chains. The wires that we carry them throgh the pipes must connect the hanger chains, and than the connect the rings from appropriate point of the chain. Cover the end of white pipes with strech film to its external appearance.

Step 6: Final

Now corner hammock shelf is ready for hanging! Hang it on your corner wall and throw away your books on it :)



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    3 years ago

    can you be more specific about the weaving process? thanks....