Cornflakes Oat Energy Bites

Introduction: Cornflakes Oat Energy Bites

-Bored of eating cornflakes with milk. Try these cornflakes oat bites which are very easy to prepare.


-Half cup cornflakes

-Half cup oats

-1/4cup almonds

-6 to 7 sliced dates

-1/4 cup sugar

-Melted butter or ghee

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Step 1: Roasting:

-Take little butter or ghee in vessel and add corn flakes to it and lightly roast for about 3 minutes

-Remove corn flakes and add oats to same vessel and lightly roast until their is light change in color

Step 2: Blending

-Now take corn flakes in blender and blend to fine powder

-Remove powdered cornflakes. Add oats and blend to powder

Step 3: Blend Almonds,dates:

-Even blend almonds ,dates to powder. Lastly add sugar and give short pulse.

Step 4: Mixing

-Take all powders and mix them properly

Step 5: Add Hot Melted Butter or Ghee

-Now add hot melted butter or ghee to it and mix

Step 6: Make Small Balls

-Grease your hands with butter or ghee .Take small portion of it and make small balls

Step 7: Store in Airtight Container

-Store them in air tight container and enjoy as snacks.


-You can adjust sugar quantity according to your sweetness. I used dates so i adjusted sugar according to it.

-You can even add jaggery to it instead of sugar.

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