Cornflakes Rabri



Introduction: Cornflakes Rabri

-Rabri is the most delicious indian sweet.Here i prepared rabri by using corn flakes to make it little unique .

-Your kids will surely love cornflakes if used in this way


-One litre full cream milk

-Half cup sugar

-one cup corn flakes

-saffron or yellow food color

-Nuts and raisins


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Step 1: First Step

-Take milk in a wide vessel and heat it. Dont bring to boil initially.Maintain low flame.

Step 2: Keep Stirring

-After sometime you can see milk starts boiling.Keep stirring continuosly

Step 3: Add Cornflakes

-Now add cornflakes to milk.Half of cornflakes i crushed and half of them added as it is

Step 4: Add Sugar

-After adding cornflakes just mix and add sugar to it

Step 5: Add Food Color or Saffron

-You can add few saffron strands by dissolving in milk or yellow food color

Step 6: Scrape the Cream From Sides

-One important point is as milk starts thickening and reducing its volume cream gets accumilated towards sides of vessel.scrape the cream from sides as and then with moist milk

Step 7: Add Nuts and Raisins of Your Choice

-When volume is almost reduced and rabri gets thickened add cardamom powder,nuts and raisins of your choice.

Step 8: Refrigerate

-Refrigerate for some time and serve chilled


-Keep stirring continuosly and scrape the cream from sides

-Avoid on high flame

-Adjust sugar according to your sweetness

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