Cornstarch and Water Experiment (non Newtonian Fluid)




Introduction: Cornstarch and Water Experiment (non Newtonian Fluid)

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Mix together cornstarch and water in different proportions to get what is called a non newtonian fluid which defys the laws of physics. The harder you hit it, the harder it becomes.

The following are some ideas on what to do with it

1. Pick up a glob of it with your hand or a fork and let it gloop down.
2. Rub a toothpick in it.
3. Put food coloring in it and mix it around.
4. Put it in a blender.
5. Let things sink in it.
6. Shoot things at it.
7. Hit it with a hammer.
8. Blow through some kind of straw or a blower through it.
9. Wear it as armor.
10. Take a tinfoil bowl of it and throw it into the ground.
11. Let it drip everywhere and out from the tinfoil container.
12. Put it into a speaker cone or some kind of sound system and watch it bubble up (although you probably need a very powerful sound system).
13. Swim in a pool of it or try to walk over it.
14. Shoot it out of something.
15. Set off some kind of explosive in it or firework.
16. Come up with your own ideas. I'm sure there are plenty more.



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