Corona Fluid




There is nothing better than seeing a web of corona. This fluid allows you to see even, violet discharges from as low as 5kV (it looks better in person than the photo)

It consists of only two ingredients; phosphorus and water (pure not tap)

Step 1: Ingredients

Even though you should not break into a Florecent bulb if you acedentally do here is a use.

  To get the phosphor (the coating is a blend but this does not matter). I swished some distilled water in the light tube. It should be milky when you pour it out. I have yet to try different concentrations but I think the more phosphor the better.

Tap water is too conductive to use and ruins the effect. I used purified drinking water (less condutive than I thought)

Step 2: Product

The end result should be a milky white, nonconductive liquid. (It will settle with time so you must agitate before use)

I added some NaHCO3 to make it conductive hoping for a sweeter result, It made it worse.
The arc went through the liquid (like I thought but it did not show much arc). Perhaps making a channel of conductive mix and sending current through would be cool.

I hope to get a new ignition transformer for my Tesla to try really high voltage in a very large pool of fluid.



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    3 Discussions

    Please note that there is toxic mercury in all fluorscent tubes. Handling any part of a broken tube is dangerous. The phosphor will have small balls of mercury in it . If you get any in your system it can cause nerve damage & other nasty things. NOT RECOMMENDED !!

    2 replies

    Most of the mercury evaporates immediately upon it breaking, so it will be in your lungs by the time you worry about it being on your hands :)


    Yeah but my chemistry Instructors use to push mercury around with their hands
    There is very little in a fluorescent light (but don not go smashing them)

    but yes heavy metal poisoning is not a pleasant thing