Corpse Bride Veil

Introduction: Corpse Bride Veil

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What you need.

- Elastic or string

- Glue gun

- Scrap white fabric

- Scissors

- Thin wire

- Wire cutters

- Paint/chalk

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Step 1: Step 1: Cut the String/elastic

When I craft, I often just find what is laying around me and make do with that.

This time, my boyfriend happened to have a strange sort of elastic rope material that I cut up.

You can use anything here but ideally it should have a little bit of stretch to go around your head. Even if it doesn't, its not the end of the world

Take whatever material you are using and wrap it around the top of your head, mark and add a few extra centimeters for when you glue and cut it out

Step 2: Step 2: Glue

Now that it is measured and cut, you can heat up your glue gun and glue the two ends together

Step 3: Find and Dirty Your Scrap Fabric

Her veil is very dirty and torn

So this is your time to go wild.

Measure how long you want it to be, cut an asymmetrical length out and try to dirty and fray it a little

You can even cut holes in if you want

and effective way of adding dirt is with black eye shadow

Step 4: Glue the Fabric On

Once your veil is in the right state, it is time to glue it on

Simply take the top of the fabric and wrap it around the black elastic.

Then bunch it up and begin gluing it in place

Step 5: Cut Wire and Petals

Her veil has little roses on it.

Depending on how many you want, cut out that number of pieces of wire measuring about 5cm in length

Then using remaining scrap fabric, cut out semi-circles for the flowers

Step 6: Colour Your Petals

I used a variety of colouring mediums just to see which would come out the best

I think that chalk and surprisingly eye shadow looked pretty neat

Whatever your preference, colour the edges in black and inside blue and try to smudge them a little

Remember to do this on both sidses

Step 7: Make the Petals

Get your glue gun ready and this time we are making little flowers

Take one edge of the semi circle and place it about 1cm down on the wire.

Touch a little glue so that it will stay in place.

Then slowly begin winding the fabric around, touching with glue wherever you need to keep it secure

bunch and adjust until it looks like a flower

Repeat with all the wire

Step 8: Complete the Veil

For the final touches, simply take the flowers you have made and wind the ends of the thin metal around the front of the veil.

And just like that, you have a lovely Corpse Bride wedding veil

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