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This is a cute project for book lovers and Tim Burton movie fans. Make the goofy looking worm from the movie Corpse Bride and watch him crawl on top of your book.

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Step 1: Materials

  • Polymer Clay (Oven baked modelling clay) Colors: yellow green, white, black, light blue, purple, fushcia
  • Knife
  • Clay tools: ball tools, needle tool
  • Leather cord 12 inches length
  • Strong Glue (You can use superglue, E6000, epoxy)

Step 2: Making the Bookmark

Start by shaping the yellow-green clay to a 2 inches long log with one tapered end. Pinch 1/2 of an inch from the other end to create the neck of the worm then pose the worm with its tail pointing up.

Use a ball tool to indent 2 eye sockets. Place a thin rope of purple clay around the sockets and blend. I think this is his eye bags. Then form 2 balls of white clay and put them in the sockets. Add 2 thin half moon shaped light blue clay for the lids and 2 small balls of black clay for the pupils.

Indent an inverted U for the mouth. Put thin snakes of fuschia colored clay around the mouth for the lips and 2 small square shapes for the teeth.

Make 2 elongated pieces of black clay for the eyebrows and 2 tiny balls of clay for the nostrils.

With a needle tool, indent the body to make his segmentations.

Poke a hole below the worm and bake the worm in an oven based on your clay manufacturer's directions. I baked mine for 130 degrees celsius for 30 minutes.

After baking, add glue to the hole and insert the leather cord.

Happy reading!

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