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Introduction: Corpse Bride Costume

This is how I made a corpse bride costume for my daughter for halloween.
I started by finding an second hand wedding dress and sizing it down so it would fit my daughter.I then unstitched the right sleeve and cut off the some of the length so what was left of the sleeve would only go up to 2/3 of her forearm I completely took the other sleeve off as it's not required.I then proceeded to cut a jaggered hole in the stomach area of the dress and I bought a cheap glow in the dark plastic skeleton to use as rib bones under the rip in the stomach and also the whole arm for the left side. I sewed these in place.As I didn't have much money available for this project I used an permanent ink texta to get the blue at the bottom of the dress I simply dipped the core out of the pen into some rubbing alcohol or water both work well which stains the water in alcohol I then dipped the bottom of the dress into this solution and as dry material absorbs liquids I just held it in the water with the ends just in it till the blue water solution had crept up to the desired level then took it out and hung it to dry.I also cut tears in the bottom of the dress. I used a permanent texta to make the swirls on the bottom of the dress and also to colour the line along the top of the bodice. I managed to find a cheap veil at a second hand shop and dyed the hair clip that held the veil in blue also the same way I did the bottom of the dress.I also dyed the bottom of the veil in the blue solution. I managed to pick up a cheap blue wig with long hair did some clever make up using cheap face paints and presto she now looked like the corpse bride much cheaper than bought costumes and as far as I can see looks a lot better too. Everyone loved her.



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    That is a really nicely made costume. And a very good pick of subject matter.

    Imagine having some black fabric behind the simulated ribs, and a long black glove for the arm that has the skeletal bits attached.

    I really like the use of the glow in the dark parts on the arm. It's neat how it's sized just right for her.

    That's awesome! I'm not sure how my 4 yr old would handle it though.