Corrugated Plastic Roof Sun Screen From Decorators Sheet




Introduction: Corrugated Plastic Roof Sun Screen From Decorators Sheet

I built an outdoor shelter and recently decided that the sun was too strong to leave the corrugated plastic without some form of shading. However I still wanted to allow light to pass through.

I thought about Hessian but the price was not favourable and whilst searching Amazon for tools I saw this cotton twill dust sheet. It was relatively light weight and inexpensive.

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Step 1: Original Roof and Shelter

the original roof is clear and allows full sunlight to pass through. It's also a little dirty so my later pics are of the newer clean side

Step 2: Cut to Size

Buy a dust sheet (you need poly or plastic backed) and cut your dust sheet to size then lay out on a flat surface

Step 3: Apply Glue

apply glue ensuring that you cover the whole panel in a thin layer.

we chose to use pva because it's cheap and dries clear. Because our dust sheet has a Colton side and a plastic backing we decided to apply the glue to the plastic side.

Step 4: Spreading the Glue

to spread the glue we used an old fence brush (clean). We also used a small paint roller. I preferred the brush, my wife the roller. It's up to your personal preference.

Step 5: Apply Sheet and Push Into Grooves

once the sheets had the glue layer we put the sheets onto the underside of the corrugated plastic and pushed them up into the contours. They held well and stayed in place nicely. As you can see from the images. They provide a nice shabby chic sun shade. They especially go well with our paint.

If we had though about this before we built the shelter we would have fitted the dust sheet to the corrugated plastic before we put it onto the shelter. This would make the process much neater and easier. You could stack the corrugated plastic sheets to help with the contour and trimming. Wish i would have thought about it before hand.

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