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Intro: Corset Dress Design

You know that one thing that always comes back in your doodles on those scrap bits of paper during boring classes, lectures or meetings? For me, it's this one dress. When I saw the Dream It, Draw It, Wear It contest, I thought that it would be a good time to get a  virtual doodle of this dress down too. 

The process began with, of course, paper and a pencil. I pulled out one of my old sketches, resketched it into a more proper technical drawing, and scanned the latter. Then it was simply a process of tracing and colouring the design. I used Sketchbook, in accordance with the contest rules. Sketchbook is great for fashion illustration, especially with the simulation Copic markers which are really expensive to purchase, but look awesome in the hands of those with talent (sadly, not I ),:)

Good fun, and all in all a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon :D If I ever find the resources to make this dress, I'll definitely post a photo or two (but don't count on this happening anytime soon!)
Feel free to ask any questions, for any more detail or anything. Cheers!



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    Wow! I love seeing how you took your sketch and then made it digital. Nice work! The asymmetrical shoulder is really cool looking!

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