Cortana in Batch

Introduction: Cortana in Batch

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I live in Croatia, and the thing that Cortana doesn't support my country is really a pain in the backside. Since I wanted Cortana because it was so awesome, I decided to make my own personal Cortana. I had lots of free time, so I decided to make my ambitious plan a reality. Cortana is still in the experimental phase.

Step 1: Download Links

Here is a Mediafire download link, since the code doesn't work (the spaces get destroyed, and it no longer looks like it should). I have put in an additional "Cortana animation test" link so you can modify it and insert it into the main program itself if you do so wish. Have fun!



Cortana Animation:

Cortana - animation test.bat

Step 2: Pics

Step 3: Info and Changelog (constantly Updated)

23.5.2018. | Ayy I finally decided to work on BatchCortana again! I tweaked some stuff such as the "Couldn't find that" error message, added new smexy animations, and FINALLY added the ability to search any keyword and choose to look it up on Google. So now that I got the search engine out of the way, I want to make a full-blown browser inside the batch script. Well, for the Google website anyway. Obviously inspired by the Google BBS Terminal. Which can be found here. Anyway..

I have NO goddamn clue how I could even BE ABLE to do that. The Google Search API shut down back in 2016, but I SERIOUSLY don't think I would've been able to implement it into a batch script in the first place. My best option so far is to replicate the main site, and the "cached results", if you know what I mean (and you most likely do if you tried using Google BBS Terminal after May 2016.), since I know how to do THAT.

Another problem I'm dealing with is that the code is getting quite massive because of the animations, making it harder to find your way around, and I don't know how to optimize it. If anyone's got any tips, it would help, because the program already has like 3000 lines because of that.

Also, I'm thinking about renaming the program to Polycore. Let me know in the comments if you think that that's a good idea. If anyone even still cares about this program. Or any of my Instructables. Or my whole profile.

Version: 0.2a(lpha)

Update on: 23.5.2018.



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