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Introduction: Corvo's Mask - Dishonored

I'm going to cosplay as Corvo Attano next year and why not share the progress?
Excuse my terrible English.

What you will need:
A mask
Loads of glue (like seriously)
Black, golden, silver paint
Computer wires
Crafting foam
Black fabric

Step 1:

Find/buy an old mask. I found this one in a box somewhere! You can use anything, as long as it's close to a skull(ish) shape.

Step 2:

Cut out the mouth and the space between the eyes. (Sorry for the bad quality)

Step 3:

Now the eyes! I made it out of old computer parts (You can find gears and wires etc. at thrift stores) and glue-ed it onto the black fabric I used for the sockets ( I didn't want people to see my eyes).

Step 4:

- Cut out a few pieces of craft foam and glue it onto the mask
- Paint the mask black
- dip a sponge into some silver paint and dip onto the mask
- Poke/cut some holes around the mouth for the wires
- Paint the wires (and maybe other parts) gold/bronze

Step 5:

It should look something like this now..

Step 6:

Glue some back fabric onto the inside of the mask (or else it will look gross) and wait for it to dry..

Step 7:

Maybe add some gears and wires, and you're done!



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    I think this is probably the best instructable for making Corvo's mask that I've seen.