Cosmetics Caddy to Metallic Pencil Pot

Introduction: Cosmetics Caddy to Metallic Pencil Pot

I've been slowly improving my desk more and more but looking for the cheapest way possible to do it. This has just 2 'ingredients' metallic paint (75p) and a cosmetics caddy (£1.99). It fits all my stationary and looks great on my desk!

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Step 1: You Will Need

- A bathroom/cosmetics/medicine caddy or other holder you want to paint. Mine was from B&M Bargains for £1.99.

- Metallic paint, you can get this for a number of places but I swear by Wilkinsons for just 75p it goes a long way!

- Something to paint with, I found that a foam brush was best for an even paint coat

Step 2: Paint Your Holder!

If you paint something plastic like mine this may be difficult, the paint pulls together to make gaps so it's best to put on a thick paint coat or multiple coats to get the solid metallic-shine. I painted on the inside which meant no matter how uneven the coat, the outside surface remained smooth.

Let dry for at least 12 hrs.

Step 3: Fill!

After the paint has dried, fill with your stationary and let your co-workers admire your new desk addition!

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