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Introduction: Cosmic Blocks Minecraft Lantern

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I saw this beautiful picture on Pinterest (pictured above) and attempted my own version (pictured also above). As a general rule of thumb, I never just copy what I see on Pinterest. I like to put my own little spin on it, or it just feels like I'm following the recipe and that is so boring. So as you proceed through this tutorial, definitely stop my spin, and put a little bit of your own on there too!

Things We'll Need To Get Started

Step 1: Watch the 90 Seconds of Art Video

Watching the video will save you a lot of time, especially if you watch it at 2X speed. That's only 45 seconds.

Step 2: Get Down to Gluing

My little spin on the original pin was to make the blocks asymmetric. I wanted to go from longer (more solid looking) blocks at the base to more spread out and smaller blocks at the top: increasing entropy and all that. The as you get higher, and have blocks sticking out at random angles, the wood glue is usually enough to hold it in place. Sometimes I had to use superglue to hold the block in place while the wood glue dried.

Step 3: Making the Base

This is where you can add your own spin. The light looks pretty cool upside down, so instead of adding legs, try making it a lantern that hangs from its cord.

But anyways, the base

I used some 1/8" hardboard and cut out a square the size of the base of my lantern. By the way, I am being purposefully vague about the number of blocks and size of them because those things are totally up to you. But for reference, the one I have above as about a 4" base.

I cut a hole in the middle of the hardboard exactly the size of my light bulb socket. Then I glued some legs onto it, painted it black and screwed the socket onto it.

Stick a CFL bulb in there or an LED because they put out less heat than Halogen. Wood + Heat = Fire

Step 4: Bring the Cosmic Blocks Down to Earth

I spray painted the entire structure black for effect.

Next outline the base with glue and lower the block structure onto it and around the CFL bulb. Squish it around a little bit, wipe away the glue and flip the switch! Sick back and love it.

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