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Introduction: Cosplay Gun "Circuit Breaker"

About: I like Making computer art. I see beauty in junk. Where others see a sewing table I see a charging station. People saw old motherboards, I made a Led lamp. I like creating. Hope you enjoy my creations

This is my modified Nerf gun for cosplay. I got it at an auction and was missing parts, so I saw the potential in this piece. Now before moving on, I hand paint all of my work, except for the occasional plastic dip spray. So if you don't mind spray paint this would go fast for you. It is just a personal preference for me to hand paint. Most parts also come from a junk yard. As seen in the pic here, all the computer parts came from a junk yard. Thanks for the look and enjoy my instructable!

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Step 1: Choose You Gun!

I didn't take a pic soon as I got it, so here is one off the internet. I do a lot of research to see what I would like, and use it and mod it on my guns.

Don't be afraid to cut, mod or add. You can make these pretty much into whatever you can imagine.

Step 2: Take It Apart!

You don't have to take it apart if you don't want to. It will be better for details. If it is your first gun and you are just trying this for first time, don't take it apart, try some experiments with it.

If you do take it apart I recommend to take a picture of the gun before taking all the pieces out so you have a reference on how to put back together. If you still want it to work.

It might take a few guns and tries before mastering these.

I gutted this one, because like I said it was missing a part when I bought it.

Step 3: Paint Time

Get a good base coat. In some cases, you can spray paint it 1 color, Usually black.

Plastic dip works well for a base and primer for this, but as I said before, I hand painted.

Add you secondary colors as well as your detailed painted pieces. As you see in the pic, I did the screws etc.

Put it back together after it dries

Step 4: Start to Add Details and Extras

I started added things like capicitors.

I used hot glue to hold pieces down. I use my guns as wall art currently, but if you are doing something more active with it like cosplay or actually playing with it I would use a stronger adhesive or even find away to screw you pieces down.

As you see in this pic, you see a giant hole in the side. That was the missing part. I took 2 days to find the perfect piece for it.

Step 5: Finish Adding Whatever :)

for the hole I found 2 heat sinks that fit perfectly.

I also use a heat sink for the scope holder as well.

For the scope I used a golf scope.

Step 6: Seal It

Don't do all the work on this and get lazy or cheap. Seal it.

It keeps it from chipping and a little water resistant.

I use Mod Podge

Very simple, just brush on 1 or 2 coats with a paint brush. It will also give a little more gloss to it.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed my Instructable!

Please leave feedback, I like comments and questions.

Step 7:

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