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Introduction: Costume - Assassins Creed - Ezio Auditore

About: I have been making leather items for about a year or two now, I'm not claiming to be the best out there far from it I'm still very much learning but I'm having fun with it and that all that counts.

My love for Cosplay

Being a massive fan of the Assassins creed games and especially the character of Ezio Auditore I just had to make a Costume for myself. At this point I was not even aware of a thing called Cosplay but when I spoke to a friend I use to work with about this idea she told me all about cosplaying and that there was a convention coming up and I should get my outfit sorted and join her, so I did, Some of the items where a rushed at the last minute to get it all completed and even to this day I still intend on making or remaking some stuff. But other projects are taking priority at the moment.

This Cosplay

Was great fun to make and put together, in total when wearing all of it, it added about a stone and a half (9.5KG) in weight. Which sounds a fair chuck but it was all nicely distributed and is in fact very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, in fact that cosplay convention I showcased it was three days I wore this outfit all three days. I have also worn it a couple of times to LARP events were I also added a chainmail shirt under the arming Jacket again no problem running around a forest hacking 'n' slashing monsters hehe.

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Step 1: What I Used

Purchased Items

Fencing Shirt and Trousers

Boots (although I intend to make a new better pair)

LARP safe weapons (Sword and Knife, But if you want more buy or make more)

A triple belt pouch

Any other pouch you'd like and can fit

Two LARP weapon scabbards or how ever many you need


Materials Required

A Lot of Leather:- What I used (plus what I'd recommend now I know a lot more about leather working)

- Pig belly for the shoulder pad and belt (I would recommend a 8-9oz Cow shoulder)

- A heavy suede for the Cloak (Would recommend a more lightweight one but still a nice soft suede)

- Very soft Deerskin for the glove

- 4-5oz Single Shoulder for weapon scabbards

- 6-7oz Single Shoulder for Gauntlet

- Leather Lace for shoulder strap



Metal D rings

Little bit of cushion stuffing for shoulder pad

A Lot of Cloth:-

- A nice red cotton for the inside of the arming jacket, hood, cloak and sash

- A cream heavy cotton for arming Jacket

- White Silk Ribbon for jacket detail

- Red Silk Ribbon for Jacket detail

- Gold Silk Ribbon for jacket detail

- White embroidery ribbon to dye gold and grey for jacket detail

Grey and Gold (or yellow) dye

Four cream buttons

Tools Required

Sewing machine


Tailors tape measure

Tailors chalk

Needle and thread for cotton

Needle and thread for leather (Yes they are different)

Stitching Awl

Leather hole punch

Rivet hammer and anvil

Sharp knife for leather

Edge beveller

Leather stitching horse (is helpful but not necessary)

Hopefully I have remembered everything.

Step 2: Trousers & Shirt

To Start the outfit, you'll need a good pair of trouser and shirt. For this I did a little research and tried to find something as in keeping with the era as possible.

Assassins Creed 2 is set during the Italian renaissance so I wanted something that would work well. Trawling the internet I found a few good LARP store that sold these sort of gear and picked them up the trousers cost about £20 and the shirt was about £25. Both from although I'm sure these items could easily be hand made with good patterns. Nothing super expensive is needed as it will mostly be covered over with other items so a plain white shirt and black trousers would of been fine.

Step 3: Arming Jacket

This thing is by far my favourite item in all of this, and I recommend that time be taken on this as it is the main piece which will be seen and is the main thing that makes it look like the Ezio outfit.

I'm incredible luck that my sister is a fantastic seamstress and was happy to make this for me free of charge (well I had to pay for the material). I would love to be able to give people the pattern for this one but my sister didn't have one she used me as a template and designed it around me.

Step 4: Sash and Belt

Now here is were you can see the difference between craftsmanship.

The Sash was made by myself and I'm no where near as talented as my sister. To create this I made a rectangle of material the length I required and then twice the height I wanted then fold that over and sew the top and one side edge leaving one edge open. Then turn the sash inside out so all the seams are now inside fold in the last edge and sew to seal it up. Before sealing if you'd like a thin padding could be added for comfort but the material I was using was fairly thick any way so I didn't add anything. The two lengths of material going down the side of the leg are done in exactly the same way Cut the shape two of each and then sew together again leave the top open and turn right side out making the seams be on the inside. Then sew the two points at the right position required slightly to the right of centre.

Step 5: Shoulder and Hood

Again both items made by myself.


To draw the pattern start by creating a quarter of a circle this is the basic shape required for on half of the hood, always remember to measure you're head from top the neck add a little or a lot extra it is your call. now on the basic shape add details for example the Ezio hood has a small point on the top of the hood giving it an eagle beak look. Once happy make two of these on the cream material and then another two in the red material and sew together. and there you are one hood. it really is that simple.


As I said at the start I made this out of Pig Belly now knowing what I know about leather working I would of used cow shoulder as it looks much better and would of been better (I may remake it one day).

Any way draw out the shape required in the leather remember to measure and also another one in the red material too this will be used to hold the cushioning and to make it look a bit better. I hand sewed this stitching the leather to the red cotton, leave about 10cm hole at the top and then stuff with as much cushioning you like this is to personal preference, and then sew the last bit. Then make six small lengths of leather loop round a D ring and sew together now add this to the top and bottom of the shoulder pad three at the top and three at the bottom. I hope your plaiting skills are good if not ask your Girlfriend, Sister or Mother. I measured out 9 lengths of leather lace and attached three to each D ring I then plaited each three for about 10cm and then added them all together meaning I was plaiting all nine (that is not easy and took a lot of time). when I got near the end again I split them all apart and plaited three lines of three lace and then attached to the other side D rings.

Step 6: Cloak


Love this item it really finishes the outfit nicely also (when LARPing) it conceals the total extent of weapons you are carrying meaning people underestimate what you are capable of. In the picture you will see the pattern I used I did this free hand as I didn't find anything to base it on. I was incredible fortunate that I was given this amount of suede leather for free because now looking to buy that sort of amount you'd be talking at anything in the region of £100-£150. I hand sewed the red cotton to the Leather cloak which took a lot of time and then added four D rings to the top so I could attach it to the shoulder pad.

Step 7: Finishing Touch

Extra Detail

Here is were you finish the look completely, Triple pouch to go round the back (purchased from, Small leather pouch to go right hand side (I was given this one as a present with a quaver of arrows but one can be purchased or made), The two weapon scabbards (Purchased from could easily be made it you had the right template, and a basic belt to hold it all together. A Gauntlet which would hold the punch blade that is synonymous with Assassins Creed, Different in each picture because during the Cosplay con I just made a basic brown leather one with no details, I later got rid of that one and remade it much better.

And that is my Ezio Auditore Cosplay if there is anything you would like a little more detail on please let me know and i'll add to this instructable where I can or if there is any questions please message me here or check out my Facebook page where I post all my creations.

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    5 years ago

    Why did not the belt?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction


    No Belt because I no longer have it, The belt I made here was Pig belly leather and it really wasn't good for that so I decided to chop it up for other projects. I am planning on remaking it more like the actual one with the AC symbol at the front.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, well if he ever decides to give it a go I'd be happy to help where I can. I still have some of my original drawings and designs for this outfit somewhere at home. Also I do have the full pattern for the Assassins Creed Black pirate outfit.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, Personally I think it could do with a little more work. But I'm happy with it so far.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks I was definitely aiming for badass.